Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There is a wide price range for flutes. As a beginner you don’t need to purchase a hugely expensive flute to get a good quality instrument. However, you should avoid buying a poorly made flute or it could have an adverse effect on the learning experience. As specialists in everything to do with flutes, I recommend purchasing from Flutes and Flutists. They have always looked after me well and will find a good student flute for you. They offer rent to own plans, as well as guaranteed buy back and trade up plans.  As an affiliate member with them, Flutes and Flutists offer free return shipping to me for all trials.

Contact Flutes and Flutists or view their website for further details.

Ph. (02) 9079 1256

Purchasing or hiring a flute is an important decision and there are alternatives. I am happy to help you with this if you would like to discuss.

For younger students a parent or carer needs to be in the lesson so they know how to give support and guidance at home. When the child is ready to be more independent, attendance can be cut back progressively. I will continue to email lesson notes to assist home practice. I can record the lesson, or segments of the lesson and supply a link to view if desired.

No allowance in fees will be made for lessons missed by a student. An online lesson will be offered in case of mild illness, lack of transport, or need to isolate. If this can’t be managed and an absence is unavoidable a student will be offered one make-up lesson within that term if a mutually suitable time and venue can be arranged.

If I need to cancel a lesson, I will make every effort to make up the lesson within that term. Failing this, credit for that lesson will be carried forward.

Caring for your flute is easy. It needs to be kept clean and safe. I suggest waiting for your first lesson before you play it, and we will go through how to do this in your lesson.

Sometimes little things like a spring coming loose can happen. If your flute won’t play send me a text so we can arrange a visit, or if this isn’t possible, bring it to the next lesson and we’ll see if it’s a simple fix. There are some things that I can do. If it’s anything more serious we will need to send it off to be serviced. I will often have a flute you can borrow whilst your flute is being serviced.

Lessons will not take place on Public Holidays unless otherwise agreed.

As a matter of courtesy, half a term’s notice, (5 weeks), of intention to withdraw from lessons should be given except in cases of sudden emergency, eg. accident or illness.

Photocopying of music is illegal and subject to heavy penalties. There are some specific cases where music may be legally copied. If the occasion arises, I will explain these.

A student will not be entered in an exam or competition without first discussing it with the parent and/or student. If you want to do exams and/or competitions, I will work with you towards that. They can be great goals and experiences. If you don’t want to, that’s fine.

Yes. I work with Duet Partner, which has an online studio which addresses the problems with sound distortion that can happen on zoom or on other platforms. I have some students who learn entirely online. I also teach online when a student has a mild illness, needs to isolate, or doesn’t have transport to a lesson for some reason. When a student enrolls with me, I set them up to be able to jump into the online studio whenever that’s needed.

I don’t generally give extra lessons or teach during the holidays. If there is a special need, such as an approaching exam or performance I am more than happy to accommodate and will discuss it on an individual basis.