Lessons and fees

Flute Lessons Southwest Teacher and Student Flute Playing Lessons

Weekly Individual Lessons

In individual lessons, students receive my undivided attention and a tailored lesson plan to suit their learning needs. Progress is monitored and students receive on the spot feedback.

Working collaboratively allows the student to voice their preferences and opinions whilst improving their skills, which can help to build their confidence and self-esteem.

Lesson notes will be emailed to the parent and/or student with pointers for effective practice between lessons. Duration of lessons depends on the level of the student.

Fees: Payable at the beginning of each term

  • 20 minutes – $30.00 per lesson
  • 30 minutes – $50.00 per lesson
  • 45 minutes – $75.00 per lesson
  • 60 minutes – $100.00 per lesson

*There is a 10% reduction in individual lesson fees for students enrolled in
group classes.

Ensemble Classes

Students play together working on lesson repertoire, ensemble pieces, scales and technique. Ensemble class is fun, and social bonds are formed.

Players develop the ability to listen effectively to others so that they may know when to lead, when to follow, when to soar and when to support.

Solo performance practice in front of peers minimizes performance anxiety in the future. Hearing other students motivates personal practice.

Fees: Payable at the beginning of each term

  • 1 hour every second week – $10.00
  • Alternates with Musicianship and Theory classes

Musicianship and Theory Classes

There is more to music than reading the dots on the page and pressing the right combination of keys to form the correct pitch. Becoming a musician involves musical training and appreciation. Musicianship and theory classes offer activities to;

  • Internalize music
  • Train ears
  • Develop an understanding of the structure of music
  • Experiment with creativity

Fees: Payable at the beginning of each term

  • 1 hour – $10.00
  • Every second week, alternating with Ensemble Classes

Group Flute Lessons

Group flute lessons can be an affordable and effective alternative to individual flute lessons. I would recommend that students taking these classes be adults. With different personalities and needs within each group, students need to be clear on what the takeaway from each class is for them, so they can follow up at home.

Each week there will be revision, something new to learn as well as some solo and ensemble playing. Short videos demonstrating each new step will be available for group classes to access online.

If you are interested in attending group flute lessons, please contact me to discuss whether we currently have a suitable class for you. Duration and numbers in group lessons may vary, so prices are also variable.

Parent and Adult Education and Support

Online recordings and recommended reading is available for parents, carers and adult students to access at their convenience, offering advice, tips and tricks supporting effective, sustainable, and most importantly, enjoyable practice habits.

If desired a 15 minute phone call at the end of each term can be booked to check in on progress towards goals, set new goals if appropriate, and answer any questions. This is included in Individual Flute Lesson Fees.

Kind Words

Amazing teacher

“Karen has taught me to play the flute for the last four years. She has kept me motivated and grown my love of learning music. Karen always explains things in depth to me so that I can understand. I appreciate how patient she is with me even when it takes me a long time to get something right.

Karen is kind to me every lesson and has helped me to build my confidence playing the flute and also at school. She is an amazing teacher and I can’t wait to keep learning with her.”

Instrumental for love of learning

“Karen was Pepper’s flute teacher practicing the Suzuki method for around six years. She has been instrumental for Pepper’s love of learning and playing the flute. We couldn’t be more happy about where Pepper is currently on his musical journey, having been invited recently to participate in the State Honours Ensemble Program of South East Queensland and was also selected to play in the Wind Symphony in his current High School.

We wouldn’t be here without Karen’s wonderful, sensitive approach and love of teaching flute to a very high standard.”

She’s a gem!

“There is not a lesson that goes by that we don’t think of the amazing Karen. She taught our child how to play the flute from the age of four. Karen understands each child and what they may need on any given day, on their journey to discover the joys of having a musical instrument in their lives. Karen was always present and our child loved going to flute lessons. She was not strict but playful. Sometimes they would go off curriculum and explore some other pieces. Karen was excellent during the long months we had to have online lessons. Other parents still talk about how much we all miss Karen and the gift that she gave our kids as a wonderful teacher and a beautiful human being. She’s a gem!”