Studio Policy and Conditions of Enrolment


Everyone should have the opportunity to play an instrument. Whilst I will make every effort to guide students to a high standard of playing and musicianship, my primary goal is to foster a love of music and nurture individual’s abilities. To get the most out of lessons students need to :

  • Set aside time to practice. This should at least 5 times a week. Initially practices will be short and will naturally become longer as students’ progress.
  • Find a space that is free of distractions for effective practice.
  • Parents, it is important to show support and encouragement for your child’s practice, without pushing. I will give guidance in this and am also happy for you to contact me with questions or concerns.
  • Participate in events. Recitals, workshops and concerts provide motivation, build confidence and a sense of community. Join in as many as possible!
  • Arrive at lessons 5 minutes early with clean hands, short fingernails, your instrument and music. If there is a student ahead of you, come in quietly and unpack your instrument whilst listening.
  • If you have a phone with you, ensure it is on silent.


I like to keep the lines of communication open, and welcome questions, comments, and any musical moments you would like to share. My preferred mode of communication is by email. If it is time sensitive, text is fine.


  • Flute – please speak to me before purchasing a flute
  • Music Stand
  • Music – I will purchase this before your first lesson and include it in your invoice
  • Notebook, pencil and eraser
  • A means of listening to music


  • A commitment of one term at a time is required.
  • Fees are due and payable in advance
  • If you prefer to pay by instalments, please contact me to discuss payment options.


Students are expected to attend every lesson. No allowance in fees will be made for lessons missed by a student. An online lesson will be offered in case of mild illness, lack of transport or need to isolate. If this can’t be managed and an absence is unavoidable a student will be offered one make-up lesson within that term if a mutually suitable time and venue can be arranged.

If I must cancel a lesson, I will make every effort to make up the lesson within that term. Failing this, credit for that lesson will be carried forward.

Public Holidays

Lessons will not take place on public holidays, unless otherwise agreed.


As a matter of courtesy, parents should give at least half a term’s notice, (5 weeks), of their intention to withdraw a child from lessons, except in cases of sudden emergency, (eg accident or illness). When no such notice is given, a charge a half term’s fees in lieu thereof.

Exams & Competitions

A student will not be entered for an exam or competition without student/parent consent. Extra lessons, if needed, will be charged at the normal rate. If after entry, progress for any exam or competition is unsatisfactory, parents will be requested to withdraw the student.


Photocopying of music is illegal and subject to heavy penalties. In some specific cases, music may be legally copied. I will explain these cases if they arise.